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Last Updated: June 24, 2009
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Each Internet browser comes with optional upgrades or enhancements commonly known as "add-ons" or "plug-ins." These features make your Internet browser more useful&at times certain add-ons or plug-ins can potentially cause issues with your browser.

To find out if this is the case, please try one of the following tasks for your specific browser: common uses include (but aren't limited to) Toolbars, News or Stock Tickers, Instant Messaging, Weather alerts, Email alerts, Anti-virus/Anti-spy or Games

Disable Internet Explorer 8.0 add-ons:

1. Click "Tools" and select "Internet Options".
2. Click the "Advanced" tab on the right.
3. Under "Browsing", remove the "Enable third-party browser extensions" check box.
4. Click "OK" and close out of all instances of Internet Explorer.
5. Relaunch Internet Explorer.

If you're running Internet Explorer 7.0:

1. Close out of all instances of the Internet Explorer internet browser.
2. Select "Start", "Settings", then click "Control Panel".
3. Double-click on "Internet Options".
4. Select the "Advanced" tab.
5. Under "Browsing", remove the "Enable third-party internet browser extensions" check box.
6. Relaunch the Internet Explorer internet browser.

If you're running Internet Explorer 6.0:

1. Close out of all instances of the Internet Explorer Internet browser.
2. Select "Start".
3. Select "Settings".
4. Click "Control Panel".
5. Double-click "Internet Options".
6. Select the "Advanced" tab.
7. Under "Browsing", clear the "Enable third-party Internet browser extensions (requires restart)" check box.
8. Relaunch your Internet browser.

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