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    How do I manage email addresses and other features?

    When we introduce your new service, we will replace your Personal Address Service Management page (which you use today to add email addresses and change your account preferences) with a new control panel.

    Your Email Control Panel
    Your Personal Address Service Management page will be replaced with a new Business Control Panel, which includes links to all of your important account information, such as your email tools, domain registration details, and contact and billing information.

    To access your email management tools, just click the Email Control Panel link.

    The Email Control Panel:
    Email Control Panel

    You can also access your Email Control Panel directly from the Web interface you use to check your email. Learn more about accessing the Email Control Panel.

    Managing Addresses
    Your Email Control Panel includes all the tools you need to administrate your account.

    • To edit or delete an email address, just click the corresponding link next to that email address in the Your Email section.
    • To create a new address with its own mailbox, click Add an Email User.
    • To create a new alias (an email address that forwards mail to another mailbox), click Add Aliases.

    Please note that your enhanced Custom Mailbox plan includes only as many email addresses as were included in your Personal Address plan. (You can see how many email addresses you have anytime in your Email Control Panel.) If you need more email addresses, you'll need to upgrade.

    Other Features
    From your Email Control Panel, you can also find your POP settings, assign a catch-all mailbox, and learn how to import your contacts or archive your mail. Click the Additional Options link to learn more about any of these tools.

    Learn more about your new service in our Business Email Help Center.

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