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  • How do I call a phone number?

    Last Updated: December 19, 2008
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    There are lots of ways to call phone numbers with Yahoo Messenger.

    To call someone in your Messenger List:

    • Move your mouse over the person’s name.
    • Click the little phone button that appears to the right of the name.
    • If you’ve already got the person’s phone number in your Yahoo Address Book, you’ll see a Call command with the number listed. Select it and you’re off to the races.
    • If you haven’t saved the phone number, no problem. Select Add Phone Number from that same menu to open the Yahoo Address Book in your Web browser. Add the number in your Yahoo Address Book, click Save, and come back to Messenger. You’ll see the number in the menu. (And don’t forget: you can store more than one number for someone!)

    To call someone who’s not in your Messenger List:

    Click the dialpad button on the right side of the Messenger Window’s toolbar, near the top. A phone keypad appears. Enter the number, click Call, and you’re done!

    To make an international call:

    Dial 011 for international numbers, then the international country code, and then the area or city code followed by the local number. For example, to call Rome, Italy, first dial 011, then the country code for Italy (39), then the city code for Rome (06), and then the local number.

    When you're done talking, click End.

    Important: 911 or other emergency calling services are not available on Yahoo Messenger at this time. Please inform anyone using your Yahoo Messenger that 911 or other emergency calling services are not available. They must call 911 or other emergency calling services through their telephone or mobile phone.

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