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    How many quota points are deducted for each API operation?

    Each object in each operation sent to our API results in 1 quota point deduction. For example, if you create 1 site with the addSite operation, that's only 1 quota point used. If you create 3 sites with the addSites (plural) operation, that's 3 quota points used.

    Can quotas be transferred from one command group to another?

    No. Quotas are assigned per command group.

    When sending a request on behalf of another account, whose quota is used?

    Quotas are tied to an API License Key, so the quota used will be that of the license key.

    In terms of quota usage, how do the bulk operations differ from their single-item counterparts? Example: addAds vs. addAd.

    Quota is consumed per-item, so a single-item operation uses 1 quota unit and a bulk operation with 5 items uses 5 quota units. The benefits of using the bulk operations are reduced connection overhead, fewer SSL handshakes, server-side optimization, etc.

    How will I know when I hit the daily limit?

    Each Web Services response includes elements in the SOAP header that show the command group to which the operation belongs and the remaining quota for that command group. You can use this information to track your quota consumption and to manage your Web Services requests.

    When you exceed your quota for any command group, additional Web Services requests are rejected with a Quota Exceeded SOAP fault. Note that quota is reset at midnight in the time zone of the license holder account.

    When are quotas reset?

    Quotas for each command group are reset daily at midnight in the time zone of the license holder account.

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