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    The Web Services sandbox is a test environment that allows you to experiment by creating and running Web Services client applications.


    The sandbox provides a modified version of the production system, and currently focuses on the API. While all services and operations are designed to function the same in the sandbox as in the production system, the actual result sets you observe in the sandbox may vary.


    If you do not have an account and would like to create an account and obtain a license to access the API, click here to become an APT from Yahoo partner. If you have an account and would like to obtain a license key for the sandbox, click here to contact your account manager. You will be issued a test account (AccountID), a new username, and password for accessing these test accounts.

    We reserve the right to delete, reset, or otherwise alter your test account, username, or password at any time. We will try to provide advance notice if such changes are necessary.


    Quota for the sandbox is set at 500 operations per day per license. All quota is assigned to the Sandbox command group (the only command group available in the sandbox).


    We strive to keep the sandbox up and running at all times. However, because the sandbox is a test environment, short, periodic outages may occur. The sandbox might not be available during the daily maintenance window scheduled from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. Pacific Time (8 hours behind GMT).

    Sandbox URL

    The URL prefix for the sandbox is: https://training-api5120.apt.yahooapis.com. Use the URL prefix to form complete, local URLs (see Web Services Locations).

    Confidential Information

    The sandbox is a test environment and is not intended for use with production data or confidential information. Please do not use confidential information when testing the Web Services in the sandbox as Yahoo will not be held liable for information you input into the sandbox.

    Supported Services

    The sandbox supports all of the Web Services. All services are available in the sandbox with the following exceptions:

    Service Sandbox Status
    AccountService Available. Customer accounts created in the sandbox are not accessible via the sandbox Web Services.
    ApprovalWorkflowService The ApprovalWorkflowNotificationType can be set in the ApprovalWorkflow data object. If this data type has a value of Email or EmailAndAlert, an email will not be sent to the approvers in the sandbox environment.
    ContactService Available. Contacts for managed accounts will not receive an email to set their initial password as they do in the production environment.
    EditorialService Available. The operations for retrieving tags and complaints will not return tags and complaints.
    InventorySearchService Available. The Inventory data object holds static values for availableImpressions, bookableImpressions, floorPrice, listPrice, and targetPrice.
    LocationService Available. Returns the URL prefix for the sandbox.
    OrderService Available. Inventory reservation is simulated and the activateOrder operation will always be successful regardless of available inventory.
    ReportService Available. Results are simulated and will not correspond to the data in your test account.
    UserService Available. The resetUserPassword operation does not send an email and the password will not be updated.

    Test Accounts

    All folders, filters, ad groups, ads, creatives, sites, and rate cards are created under your test accounts. These test accounts are completely separate from your production accounts. There is no possibility that the ads you create in the sandbox will be accidentally served, nor will your production accounts be charged for any transactions in the sandbox environment.

    Result Sets and Data

    Many of the results you will see in the sandbox are simulated or based on static snapshots of the data and so, they are not updated. Also, we make no attempt to protect the data in the sandbox. If you add, update, or delete the information under your test accounts, we cannot guarantee that these changes will be preserved.

    Note: Do not use the results from the sandbox to perform any type of management for your production accounts.

    System Searches and Emails

    In the sandbox environment, for those services that include operations that:

    • Issue emails, the emails will not be sent.
    • Allow searches, a dummy list will be returned.

    Client Applications

    To help you get started building Web Services client applications, we provide sample client applications in four languages: Java, .NET, Perl, and PHP (see Sample Code).

    Use the sandbox to build and run these client sample applications. Then, continue using the sandbox to build and test your own client applications before moving them to our production system.

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