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    SiteService provides operations for managing sites.

    About SiteService

    SiteService provides operations for adding, updating, deleting, and retrieving sites and site access credentials.

    Manage Sites

    You can add, activate, update, retrieve, and delete sites.

    Add Sites

    To add a site, use the addSite operation and to add a list of sites, use the addSites operation.

    Activate Sites

    To activate a site, use the activateSite operation and to activate a list of sites, use the activateSites operation.

    Delete Sites

    To delete a site, use the deleteSite operation and to delete a list of sites, use the deleteSites operation. You can only delete sites that are not used in custom segments or selling rules.

    If a site that is applied to a booked order is removed, it’s the responsibility of the publisher to make good on ad placements booked for that site.

    Retrieve Sites and Supported Languages

    To retrieve a site, use the getSite operation and to retrieve a list of sites, use the getSites operation. To retrieve all the sites for an account, use the getSitesByAccountID operation.

    To retrieve the list of supported site languages, use getSupportedSiteLanguages operation.

    Update Sites

    To update a site, use the updateSite operation and to update a list of sites, use the updateSites operation.

    Note: If you change the site name, update the name wherever you use it in the ad tag.

    Manage Site Access

    You can add, update, retrieve, and delete site access credentials.

    Add Site Access Credentials

    To serve ads on secure pages, you need to supply Yahoo with the means to access those pages for inventory quality assessment. SiteService allows you to set up access credentials for secure pages that serve ads.

    When setting up access credentials, ensure that you:

    • Allow access to only those pages that contain content that you want crawled. Don’t allow access to pages that contain confidential, sensitive, or proprietary data.
    • Limit access rights for secure pages; for example, provide read-only permissions.

    To add access credentials to a site, use the addSiteAccess operation and to add access credentials for multiple sites, use the addSiteAccesses operation.

    Delete Site Access Credentials

    To delete access credentias for a site, use the deleteSiteAccess operation and to delete access credentials for multiple sites, use the deleteSiteAccesses operation.

    Retrieve Site Access Credentials

    To retrieve access credentials for a site, use the getSiteAccess operation and to retrieve access credentials for multiple sites, use the getSiteAccesses operation. To retrieve the access credentials for a site, use the getSiteAccessBySiteID operation.

    Update Site Access Credentials

    To update access credentials for a site, use the updateSiteAccess operation and to update access credentials for multiple sites, use the updateSiteAccesses operation.

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