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  • Is my activity on Yahoo Buzz public? How can I change my settings?

    Last Updated: July 20, 2010
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    Being public is what Buzz is all about—letting people know what stories you think are important and therefore worth sharing. So it’s not surprising that whatever you do in Buzz (buzz a story up or down, post comments about a buzzed story, etc.) is public—unless you change your Buzz Activity setting to private.

    Note: Any comments you add to a buzzed story are always public on Buzz, and after you post a comment, you can’t edit or delete it.

    When you’re the first person to "buzz up" a story, within Buzz we’ll feature your display name and avatar next to that story, along with a link to your Buzz Activity Page. On the My Buzz Activities page, you’ll see numbers next to First Buzzer, Buzzed Up, Buzzed Down, and Comments, which indicate how many times you’ve been the first one to buzz up a story, and how many stories you’ve voted to buzz up and buzz down.

    Activity Summary

    Below that is a list of the most recent actions you’ve taken.

    Activity details

    To keep your Buzz activity private, simply uncheck the box labeled My Buzz activity is public on Buzz. As long as you’re signed in to your Yahoo account, you can see this box on any Buzz page.

    My Buzz Activity is public setting

    If you have opted to share your updates, whenever you buzz up or down or comment on a story, your actions are immediately broadcast as updates. Click here for details about sharing Yahoo Updates.

    Note: Although no age restrictions exist for Buzz users, the Buzz Log is not public for users younger than 13.

    For more details about privacy on Yahoo Buzz, please review our Privacy Policy.

    Notifications about your online activity—such as pictures you upload, reviews you write, items you rate—which are sent to your Yahoo connections.

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