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Introducing the New Frontier Yahoo Homepage

We've made changes to the Frontier Yahoo Homepage to make your online experience better than ever!

The new homepage delivers the latest content organized by categories with easier navigation. It consolidates service-related information and showcases exclusive entertainment and features available only from Frontier Yahoo services. The design puts all the most important information top-and-center.

This page answers some of the more frequently asked questions:

What is on the Frontier Yahoo Homepage?

Frontier Yahoo Homepage is a wide-angle lens on what's going on in the world and in your daily activities.

  • Yahoo Search: Yahoo Search with specialized searches of the Web, Images, Video, or News. Also search people, businesses and places locally.
  • Yahoo Mail preview: We put a handy Mail preview below the search box.
  • Frontier Services and Content: Stay up to date with the latest promotions and services, including access to exclusive content from TumTiki.
  • Yahoo Sites: Easy access to all your favorite Yahoo products, from Mail to News, Finance and Sports. Just one click will take you to your favorite site.
  • Trending Now: Find out what people are searching for on Yahoo today. Get in-depth information fast on the most popular searches on the Internet.

How can I get back to my previous homepage from the new site?

We are retiring the previous homepage. The new, easy-to-use design provides most of the features and content with which you're familiar. Please note the following changes to the content:

  • Customization, including choice of colors, themes and layout changes, is not available.
  • Adding or selecting content modules is not supported.

Will I need to update my home page setting?

The URL is the address of our homepage. Please update your bookmarks as necessary and use as your browser home page.

How will I access email from the homepage?

You can access webmail from the email icon located in the top right area of the new homepage. This area displays your most recent messages. If you have new messages since your last visit to your Inbox, the number of new messages will hover over the icon. Please note that this indicator will not show the total number of unread messages.

Frontier Mail sign in is available from the Mail link at the top of the list of sites on the left of the page.

Will using the homepage cause my service or pricing to change?

No. There is no change to your Frontier Internet Service, access, or price because of the new homepage.

Will I need to sign in to access the site?

Yes, you will need to sign in to access your email and any information that is specific or unique to your account.

Will I keep my current ID and email address or addresses?

Yes, you will keep your same ID and email address, along with other email addresses you have added to the service.

Will there be any changes to my email?

No. The new homepage does not change your Frontier email IDs or message content.

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