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What do "Cc:" and "Bcc:" mean?

Cc: stands for "carbon copy." Anyone listed in the Cc: field of a message will receive a copy of that message when you send it. All other recipients of that message will be able to see that the person you designated as a Cc: recipient has received a copy of the message. The Cc: field is useful in instances when you wish to share a message with someone but are not requesting that they reply or take any direct action in response.

Bcc: stands for "blind carbon copy." This is similar to the Cc: feature, except that Bcc: recipients are invisible to all of the other recipients of the message (including other Bcc: recipients). For example, if you send a message To: and Bcc:, then johndoe will see himself as the message's only recipient, while janedoe will see that you have also sent the message to johndoe. The Bcc: field is useful in instances when you don't wish to share your recipients' email addresses with everyone who receives your message.

To send a message, you must always specify at least one recipient in the To: field. If you don't, an error message will appear when you attempt to send the message.

Please note: Sending unsolicited mail, or spam, is a violation of the Yahoo Terms of Service and will not be tolerated.

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