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    I can receive but can't send mail using my POP mail client. Why?

    If you're able to receive but unable to send mail using your POP mail client (such as Outlook), please review the possible trouble areas below.

    SMTP Server
    In the fight against unsolicited commercial email (spam), some Internet service providers require their subscribers to send mail through the ISP's own SMTP servers. If you experience problems sending email, please contact your ISP to determine if it requires different SMTP server settings. You will need to use the ISP's SMTP server in place of Yahoo's SMTP server when configuring your POP mail client.

    The following is a partial list of ISPs that require you to use their SMTP servers. If your ISP is among them, try replacing the Yahoo SMTP server with the ISP server in your POP mail client settings, or consult the ISP's help files. (Learn more about configuring your client.) If your ISP does not appear in the list below, please contact your ISP directly for more information.

    MSN smtp.email.msn.com
    NetZero smtp.netzero.net
    Verizon outgoing.verizon.net
    Earthlink/MindSpring Please visit its help pages
    AT&T Please visit its help pages
    Bell Sympatico Please visit its help pages
    SBC See below

    Your SMTP settings will vary based on your account setup. Choose the SMTP setting that corresponds to the email address most like the one provided to you by your ISP.

    you@ameritech.net smtp.ameritech.yahoo.com
    you@flash.net smtp.flash.yahoo.com
    you@nvbell.net smtp.nvbell.yahoo.com
    you@pacbell.net smtp.pacbell.yahoo.com
    you@prodigy.net smtp.prodigy.yahoo.com
    you@sbcglobal.net smtp.sbcglobal.yahoo.com
    you@snet.net smtp.snet.yahoo.com
    you@swbell.net smtp.swbell.yahoo.com
    you@wans.net smtp.wans.yahoo.com

    For more information about AT&T's SMTP requirements, please visit the AT&T help center or contact AT&T DSL support at 877-SBC-DSL5 (877-722-3755) or AT&T DIAL support at 866-SBC-DIAL (866-722-3425).

    SMTP Port
    If you have adjusted your SMTP server, and you're still experiencing a problem, you may need to use an alternate port. In an attempt to control spam, some Internet service providers now block port 25, which means you may need to use port 587 when sending email via Yahoo's SMTP server. Learn how to change ports.

    Antivirus Protection
    If you have Norton AntiVirus enabled on your computer, you may have to make configuration adjustments to use Outlook or Outlook Express. For more information, visit the Symantec web site.

    The Yahoo SMTP server requires authentication. Learn more.

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