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    How do I create an email address for someone new?

    To create an email address for someone new, you'll need to add a new email user. To add a new user:

    1. Visit the Email Control Panel, and click "Add an Email User."

    2. Enter the email address and, if you'd like, the name of the person who will be using the email address, such as Jane Doe. (This name does not affect the user's personal email settings; it's simply to help you identify the user on the Email Control Panel.)

      When you're done, click "Next."

    3. Now you'll decide how this user will access email: with Yahoo, a desktop mail program (such as Outlook Express), or both? Review the two choices, then click the corresponding radio button.

      Tip: We recommend the first option — using Yahoo and/or another mail program — as it offers the most flexibility, plus protection from spam. However, if your friend or employee doesn't want to sign up for a AT&T Yahoo ID, click the second radio button. For more details, review our comparison chart.

      After making your choice, click "Next."

    4. If you chose the first radio button ("Using Yahoo and/or another mail program"), skip to step 5.

      If you chose the second ("Never with Yahoo"), you'll now be asked to create or confirm your Security Key. After you've done this, you'll return to the "Choose Access" page to choose a password for the user and accept the Yahoo Small Business Terms of Services.

      In the blue box that's appeared, enter and confirm a password (be sure to write down whatever you've chosen). (Learn why you have to do this.)

      Then click the checkbox to agree to the Yahoo Small Business Terms of Service. (Learn why you have to do this.)

      When you're done, click "Next."

    5. Now you'll invite the user to activate the address! To send an email invitation, enter the user's current email address, such as janedoe27@earthlink.net. Do not enter the address you just created.

      If you'd prefer, you can print the invitation and give it to the user in person. To print the invitation, click the "View and print the invitation" link.

      When you're done, click "Next."

    6. On the confirmation page, you'll see the email user you just created, and whether you printed or emailed the invitation. Note that the user must activate the email address before he or she can use it.

      Click the "Finish" button to return to the Email Control Panel.

    Please note: You are responsible for actions taken by anyone using an email address associated with your domain. If any of your email users violate the Yahoo Terms of Service in conjunction with a Business Mail plan, Yahoo reserves the right to suspend your domain and deactivate any email addresses associated with it. In light of this, be sure to create email addresses only for people you trust!

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