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Overview: Content Match

Content Match complements your Sponsored Search campaign by displaying your ads alongside related articles, reviews and more.*

  • Provides an additional source of targeted leads.
  • Distribution partner network includes many content and information sites, such as Yahoo, ITV,, and others.
  • Includes the option to define a separate bid for your Content Match clicks.


  • Drive additional targeted leads to your web site.
  • Reach potential customers through a range of quality online publishers.
  • Bid, budget and track separately for your Content Match clicks.
How it works
  1. For example, if you own a company called Electronics Planet that sells products on its web site.
  2. You decide to use Content Match.
  3. When a potential customer visits a web page related to “DVD players,” your ad may appear (see image below)..
  4. You pay only when your ad is clicked.
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*You will not be automatically opted into Content Match. If you wish to opt in, you can do so by logging into your account after sign up.

1Site implementations may vary.

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