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Overview: Ad Testing

Ad testing is a powerful feature that allows you to test multiple versions of ad copy to determine which message works best. You can even choose to let our system automatically display ads receiving the highest click through rate to help increase traffic to your web site.


  • Optimise the performance of your ads.
  • Test different messages and promotions.
  • Easily target your ads to different geographical audiences.
  • Test different versions of landing page URLs.

How it works

  1. An ad is comprised of a title, description, display URL and destination URL.
  2. For each ad group, you can create up to 20 unique ads (ads must adhere to our Editorial Guidelines accessed through our Help Centre).
  3. Your ads will be rotated for the keywords within each ad group.
  4. You can enable ad optimisation, which will show ads that receive the highest-click through rate.
  5. We also advise you to use our insert keyword feature, which will dynamically insert the bidded keyword into the title and/or description.


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  • Plasma TV
  • HDTV


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