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How Yahoo works to make the Internet safer

Last Updated: 15 March 2010
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We want you to enjoy using Yahoo’s services. Our Terms of Service sets out guidance on acceptable behaviour on our sites. When notified, we take steps to prevent anyone from continuing unacceptable behaviour in breach of our Terms of Service.

Yahoo is committed to working to ensure that our users stay safe online. We work with a range of partners to ensure that the Internet is both an enjoyable and safe place for people of all ages.

Yahoo is a founder member of the Home Office Task Force for Child Protection on the Internet which works collaboratively with the Internet industry, child protection charities, educational bodies and law enforcement to develop good practice and awareness raising initiatives for children and parents on Internet safety. To find out more click here.
Yahoo is also a founder member of the Internet Watch Foundation. The IWF was founded by the Internet industry in 1996 and works with the Internet service providers and the police to remove criminal images of child abuse hosted in the UK. To find out more click here.
Yahoo supports the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre, created in 2006 as a specialist body for the understanding and investigation of online crimes against children. CEOP is also developing an educational programme for UK schools and works closely with the Home Office Task Force. To find out more click here.

We offer various tools that can help make the online experience safer for you and your family. Please refer to Yahoo Help Central for help with specific Yahoo products and services such as Mail and Messenger.

For more information and advice about online safety, please visit our Useful Resources page.

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