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UK/IE Directory Closure FAQs

Last Updated: 27 February 2012
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When is the UK & Ireland Directory Closing?

The Yahoo UK & Ireland Directory will be shutting down on 18th of November 2010.

What will happen to my Directory Submit listing?

You have two options if you currently have an open order for a site listed under the Regional/Countries/United Kingdom category path of the Yahoo Directory:

  1. You may continue to maintain your listing through the US based Directory Submit program. Your site will remain listed in the Directory as it is now, and the applicable annual fee will apply on your anniversary date. No further action on your behalf would be required.

  2. You may request a refund of the most recent fee you paid as part of the Directory Submit program. Your Directory Submit order will be closed immediately, and your site will then be removed from the Yahoo Directory. If you wish to proceed with this option, please email with the Order ID, your YahooID, and the URL of your listing. In order to take advantage of this refund, Yahoo must receive a fully completed request no later than 5 pm PDT on November 18th, 2010. Otherwise, Yahoo will conclude that you have selected the first option.

How will people find my site?

Our customers and users in the UK and Ireland regions will still be able search the web for sites on The Yahoo Directory at still exists and lists many sites from this area of the world ( and ( If you choose to maintain your listing, your site will still be listed in the Yahoo Directory.

I want to continue with my Directory Submit listing, but wish to make a change to the listing.

You may request a change through our online change form.

My company has multiple orders under the same YahooID. I want to close all of my orders without having to individually reply to each letter. How do I do that?

If you have more than 20 Directory Submit orders open under one YahooID and wish to close them all, please email with a list of the Order IDs and URLs of the listings. You must provide the YahooID with which you submitted the listings and the contact email for security purposes.

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