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Overview: Geo-targeting

Geo-targeting enables you to target your ads to potential customers located or interested in particular geographical areas.1

You can target your ads:

  • To the entire market; e.g. the Southeast Asia market.
  • To countries within that market; e.g. Singapore, Malaysia.


Geo-targeting can be helpful for:

  • Small businesses that want to drive traffic to their physical shops or offices by targeting customers searching online for local providers of goods and services.
  • Service-oriented businesses, such as plumbers or estate agents.
  • Large businesses that want to drive customers to their web sites and/or physical shop locations.

How it works
  1. When you create a new campaign or modify existing campaigns, select your geographic area to be targeted.
  2. Your geo-targeted ad will be served to users based on one or more of the following:1
    • User’s location—A search is conducted from your targeted location.
    • Interest location—A user includes the name of your targeted location as part of the search term.

1 Please note that geo-targeting accuracy is not guaranteed and may vary depending on various factors, including the level of targeting selected.

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