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  • Using the Application

    This provides Help information for each of the screens that you work with when you log in to your Sponsored Search user interface. These are the topics that you see when you click on Help from within your Sponsored Search account.
  • Understanding the Basics

    Search engine marketing and Sponsored Search account basics for first-time advertisers, including details of our Editorial Guidelines.
  • Improving Your Results

    Detailed tips and optimisation strategies tailored for specific account objectives and industries.
  • Advanced Topics

    Tips and information on advanced features that are currently available to our higher spending advertisers only. When your account reaches a certain spend level, these features can be enabled in your account.
  • FAQs

    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the management of a Sponsored Search account.
  • Training

    Register for our free webinar training and self-guided tutorials to help you increase your expertise and the performance of your ads.

    Get the inside scoop! Our Smart Start Guide for new advertisers can assist you as you manage your search marketing account. The guide also includes tips and best practices to help you spend wisely.
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