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What version of Yahoo Toolbar do I have?

Last Updated: 14 July 2011
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All versions of Yahoo Toolbar have a Settings button, but the button design varies between versions. To figure out which version of Yahoo Toolbar you have, you’ll need to find the Settings button in your toolbar and then match that to the browser you’re using. Yahoo Toolbar works only in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Here's how to find the Settings button in your Yahoo Toolbar:

  • Toolbar version 8 for Internet Explorer
  • Toolbar version 2 for Firefox

In the upper-right corner section of your browser window, you will have either a or icon. The latest version of Toolbar look like this:

  • Toolbar version 7 for Internet Explorer

In the upper-middle section of your browser window, you have a . No Firefox version uses that icon. If you don't have an avatar or you're not signed in to Yahoo, your icon migh look like, or :

  • Toolbar version 6 for Internet Explorer
  • Toolbar version 1 for Firefox

In the upper-left section of your browser window, you have a pencil icon. Both Toolbars look like this:

Even if you don't see any of the Settings buttons shown above, Yahoo Toolbar might still be intalled (although not visible). If you think that might be the case, click here for troubleshooting help.

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