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How many categories can my site be listed in?

If a site offers many different things, it is placed in a more general Directory category as opposed to linking it to many specialised sub-categories. The specialised sub-categories are usually reserved for sites that specialise in just that area.

For example, if you are a dog breeder that sells to the public, and your site was about breeding and selling Cockapoos, Collies, and Chihuahuas, we would not place the site in each one of those commercial sub-categories, but rather list it in the general category:

Business and Economy > Shopping and Services > Animals > Dogs > Breeders

which includes breeders that offers more than one breed.

Our editors determine the exact placement of each site listed in the Yahoo Directory based on its content; however, you can suggest up to two categories for review.

Because of the category structure in the Yahoo Directory, most sites fit perfectly into one or two categories. Our categories are specialised enough so that in most cases, sites do not have to be listed in more than one place.

Commercial sites may not be placed in non-commercial areas of the Directory and are listed in sub-categories within Business and Economy > Business to Business or Business and Economy > Shopping and Services. Sites that are commercial in nature belong in these categories and must be submitted through the fee-based Yahoo Express process.

If a listing is relevant only to a specific regional location (a local shoe repair shop), it is only listed under the appropriate "Regional" sub-category.

All web sites listed in the Yahoo Directory are catalogued by editors with the user in mind. Yahoo editors modify many of the suggested descriptions, titles, and categories of sites that are submitted for review as we strive to accurately, dispassionately, and concisely reflect the content and nature of each site.

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