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How can I make Yahoo Mail my default email application?

Last Updated: 03 June 2011
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The program that enables you to select Yahoo Mail as the default email application for your PC is included as part of Yahoo Toolbar version 7.2 and up for Internet Explorer (not Firefox).

Note: There’s no official version of this program for the Mac, but here’s something that comes close.

If you don't have Yahoo Toolbar v.7.2 or newer for Internet Explorer installed, you need to download it first. When you install it, make sure you select the Install the Yahoo Mail Plug-in and make Yahoo Mail my default Mail provider checkbox.

Installing Yahoo Toolbar

When you install Yahoo Toolbar for Internet Explorer, Yahoo Mail is added to your PC's list of email programs.

Here’s how to set your PC to open Yahoo Mail when you click an email link on a webpage.

  1. From the Start menu in the lower left corner of your Windows computer, select Settings > Control Panel.

    Windows Start menu

    Note: The Start menu looks different on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  2. In the Control Panel folder, select Internet Options. The Internet Properties dialog box appears.

    Internet Properties dialog
  3. Click the Programs tab.
  4. From the E-mail pull-down menu, select Yahoo Mail.
  5. Click OK to save your changes and close the Internet Properties dialog box.

Yahoo Mail is now your PC's default email application. When you click an email link in any browser, Yahoo Mail opens.

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