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How do I install phpMyAdmin?

You can install phpMyAdmin from the MySQL administration page after you set up your database. Learn how.

To install phpMyAdmin:

  1. Return to the MySQL administration page by clicking the "MySQL Database" link on the Create & Update or Index tabs of your Web Hosting Control Panel.
  2. On the upper-left side of the page, under "Database Setup," click the "Install admin tool" link.
  3. In step 1 of the phpMyAdmin installation, read the GNU General Public License Agreement, which governs your use of phpMyAdmin. If you agree to the terms of this agreement, click the "I Agree to These Terms" button. (If you disagree, click "Cancel." You will not be able to continue with your installation of phpMyAdmin.)
  4. Choose the directory in which you want to install phpMyAdmin (or create a new directory) and click the corresponding "Install phpMyAdmin" link. Installation will begin automatically.

    Note: To simplify your ongoing file management, we recommend that you install phpMyAdmin in a unique directory with an easily identifiable name, such as phpmyadmin or mysql_admin.

  5. On the following page, you'll see a link to your phpMyAdmin home page. Click the link to get started using phpMyAdmin.

After you install phpMyAdmin, you can access the tool anytime by visiting your phpMyAdmin home page at, replacing with your own domain name and subdirectory with the name of the site folder in which your phpMyAdmin files are installed. You'll be asked to sign in using your MySQL user name and password.

Yahoo does not offer any technical support or a warranty with phpMyAdmin. For assistance and more information, please visit the phpMyAdmin Project.

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