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Why can't I connect to my Yahoo account?

If you're having trouble establishing an FTP connection with your account and the Yahoo computers, first double-check that you're still connected to the Internet (you obviously can't reach your online account if you can't get online!), then take a look at these troubleshooting tips:

Make sure that you've entered your FTP settings correctly.

  1. host or address: (replace with your own domain name)
  2. user or login: (replace name with your Yahoo ID, and with your own domain name)
  3. password: the password you use to sign in to your Yahoo account

You can find the unique FTP settings for your account on the Create & Update and Manage tabs of your Web Hosting Control Panel.

Be sure to enter your host and user settings in all lowercase letters, with no spaces. Your password is case sensitive (in other words, "PASSWORD," "PaSsWoRd," and "password" are not the same). If your FTP program asks you to enter a "remote folder" or "directory path," just enter your Yahoo ID in lowercase letters.

Please note that while your account settings remain the same no matter which tool you use, some tools might ask for those settings in different ways. See our instructions for setting up recommended tools.

Yahoo ID and Password
Did your ID or password change? Be sure to update the settings in your FTP tool with your up-to-date information. For your security, we will prevent you from connecting if your settings are incorrect.

Lost your password? Use our tool to request a new one.

If you used FrontPage to build your site, do not use your own FTP tool or use FrontPage's internal FTP tools to manage your files. Using FTP in combination with FrontPage can damage your files. Learn how to publish with FrontPage.

Passive Mode
Most FTP tools will connect using a process called passive mode by default, but if you're having trouble, check your settings to make sure this option is selected.

You can typically find the passive mode option in your tool's preferences or setup area (check your tool's documentation if you have trouble locating this option). Try setting your FTP program to passive mode then trying to connect to your site again.

Ask Your Internet Provider
FTP is usually a two-way conversation: You're trying to connect to your account — to "talk" to the Yahoo computers — but FTP generally needs to be able to talk back to your computer. Some Internet service providers (ISPs) prohibit this kind of communication, which could be preventing you from establishing a connection.

If you're certain that your FTP settings are correct, and you have exhausted the options above, you may want to check with your ISP to see if it has imposed any limitations on your service.

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