How do I upload photos from my camera phone?

    It's easy to upload photos from your camera phone to your Yahoo Photos account.

    First, register your mobile phone with Yahoo To do this, visit Yahoo Mobile’s photo upload page and click the Get Started Now button. Already registered? Great.

    Once you've registered your camera phone, just follow these steps to start uploading photos from your camera phone:

    • Email or MMS your photo to your Yahoo ID You won’t be able to send photos to your upload address until your phone is registered with Yahoo.
    • Now, visit Yahoo Photos and login with your Yahoo ID. Find your camera phone photos in an album named "Mobile Uploads". Yes!


    • Uploading from your camera phone is available without charge from Yahoo for a limited time, however standard carrier data charges may apply. Please review your wireless phone plan or contact your carrier for details.
    • Service only available for mobile camera phones serviced by supported carriers (currently Cingular, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon). Yahoo reserves the right to withdraw or modify this offer without notice.

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