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How do I change my password?

Last Updated: October 01, 2013
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You can change your password by using an online tool hosted in the Member Centre. First read the precaution at the end of this article.

To get to the Member Centre simply look at the header of any Rogers Yahoo web page. You'll see a Member Centre link -- click it.

When you have reached the Member Centre click on the My Account & Billing Tab. A change password link takes you to the online password tool.

Please remember to change the password in your modem or router after you've completed the online form successfully. Instructions on how to do this will be displayed in the tool itself.

A precaution if you use an email client program to retrieve mail through the POP feature

If you decide to change your password for your Rogers Mail account, you must first change the password in any mail client program settings that use the POP feature to retrieve email and then change your password in your account before you use POP again.

If you neglect to change the passwords in the these places in the correct order, the situation gets tricky because some mail client programs perform POP access to your mail account just after you start the program, and repeated POP attempts result in a lock on the account. We put a lock on the account because someone's email client, yours, has asked for mail through POP with the wrong password too many times.

So before you change your password with Rogers, change it on each and every one of the mail client programs you use on that account. Rogers Mail does not get enough security information to deal with your POP passwords not being coordinated with your genuine account password, so to be secure, Rogers Mail locks the account until you put the account through a re-verification process.

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