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Search for messages in Yahoo Mail

Can't find the messages you're looking for? Quickly get to the exact message you're after with our advanced search, or use our basic search to find a variety of results.

Searching basics

+Perform a search

  1. Locate the search field at the top of Yahoo Mail.

    Search bar

  2. Enter your search criteria - like a contact's name, part of the subject, or text from the email.
    - Suggestions automatically appear as you type. If you see what you want, click the item to view its content instead of searching further.
  3. Click Search Mail.

All messages matching your search terms appear in the search results.

  Did you know? Searches are not case-sensitive. Searching for "abc" is the same as searching for "ABC."

+Sort your search results

At the top right of your search results:

  1. Click View at the top right of your search results page.
  2. Under "Sort by,", select from the following options:
    • Date - Click the arrow to search by oldest or newest date.
    • Attachments - Emails with attachments will appear at the top of your search results.
    • Relevance - The most relevant emails for your search terms appear at the top of your search results.
Options menu for sorting Yahoo Mail search results.

Advanced searching

+Perform an advanced search

Too many results appearing with a basic search? Narrow them down using "Advanced search" to quickly find the specific message(s) you're looking for.
  1. Enter your search criteria in the search field.
    - A drop-down list appears with "People" and "Recent" search results.
  2. Click Advanced search.

    Advanced search link

  3. Enter your criteria in the following fields:
    • From - Email address or name of a sender.
    • To - Email address or name of an intended recipient, including yourself.
    • Subject - Words or phrases within an email's subject line.
    • Contains - Words or phrases within an email's body.
    • Date - Anytime, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, or a custom date.
    • Folder - Select from Yahoo Mail folders like Inbox and Sent, or from a folder you've made.
    • Type - All, Unread, Starred, or a category like Shopping.
    • Has attachment - Email contains an attachment like a .doc .pdf file.
    • Has image - Email contains an image.
  4. Click Search Mail.
  5. Your search results appear.
  6. Click an email from your search results to view it.

+Find all the emails and files someone has sent you

Find all of the photos, emails, and documents you've received from someone by searching their name or email address. Learn more in our searching by people help article.

  Our search options are just the beginning. Learn about Yahoo Mail's other features.

Do a one-click search for emails from a specific sender, right from your Inbox. Our help video shows you how!

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Last updated: July 18, 2014