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Error Message while running Yahoo Messenger

This document describes what to do when you get an error message in Yahoo Messenger.

If you receive an error message while running Yahoo Messenger, you might have a corrupt file in your "Messenger" directory. To fix the problem, you need to manually delete the "Messenger" directory on your "C:" drive, then reinstall the Yahoo Messenger application.

Note: Deleting this directory will also delete any archived messages on your computer. If you want to keep them, please move your profile directory out of the Messenger directory:

  1. Close Yahoo Messenger (if it's currently running).
  2. Go to your Desktop and double-click My Computer.
  3. Select the "C:" drive.
  4. Go to C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Profiles

Your folder is named with your Yahoo ID. It contains your complete Message Archive. Copy it to another location on your computer before deleting the Messenger directory. You can then move it back after re-installing Messenger.

To delete the Messenger directory:

  1. Close the Yahoo Messenger application if you currently have it running.
  2. Please make sure that all Internet Explorer windows are closed.
  3. Go to your desktop and double-click My Computer.
  4. Click the C: drive.
  5. Go to C:\Program Files\Yahoo! .
  6. Highlight the Yahoo Messenger folder and press the Delete key on your keyboard. Remember, all archives will be deleted if they're not copied.

    To install:
  1. Close all running applications except for your Internet browser.
  2. Visit the Yahoo Messenger home page.
  3. Click Download Now.


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Last updated: June 24, 2013