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Using Subscriptions to track replies to your posts


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Posted on Dec 6, 2011

You may ask "If I ask a question in the community forums, how will I know if someone answered me?"


The answer? By subscribing! And it isn't just limited to your own questions either.


How do subscriptions work?

You can subscribe to a topic (one specific conversation) or to a forum (like "Video and Webcams"). When someone posts to something you've subscribed to, an email notification is sent to your email address (your primary Yahoo! address on your Yahoo! profile) to let you know. Clicking a link in the email will lead you back to the Help Community to catch up on the new posts.


How do I subscribe?

When you are viewing a forum or a topic you will see a "Subscribe" link near the top of the page. Simply click that link and the item you're viewing will be added to your Subscription list. If you are already subscribed to the Forum or topic, the link will display "Cancel subscription".


You can also automatically subscribe to topics. In the Welcome box on the right of Help Community pages click on My Subscriptions. Here you will find options to subscribe automatically to topics you create or even topics where you post a reply. You can also change whether to receive emails and how often you would like to receive them. You can return to My Subscriptions and change these settings at any time - just be sure to click "Save" after making any changes!


Viewing and managing subscriptions

On the My Subscriptions page a list is displayed that lists your current subscriptions. Simply click on the subscription name to view it. You can also see how much time remains for each subscription with options to renew or cancel them.

If you have any issues, please let us know!


Your Y! Help Community Team

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