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Game Rooms Inaccesible


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Posted on Apr 23, 2012
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Yahoo powers that be, why are some game rooms always malfunctioning? Adv 4 Euchre has been up and down for a month. Other euchre rooms are accessible. What is the problem with Advance 4? You are going to lose a lot of traffic as this is happening in all games. Does it even matter to you? Does anybody know if Google has games? There systems usually work.

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Posted on Apr 24, 2012 in response to DavidB
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Posted on Apr 25, 2012 in response to MikeR
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Hello all,

Thanks for the continuing reports, I'm very sorry for the ongoing trouble. The engineers thought they'd fixed everything but it sounds like we need to have them look again. If you could let me know *specific rooms* that are having trouble again, that will help them narrow down the problem. Any details you can provide may be helpful:

- What room? (name and URL)
- What action did you take just before encountering the problem?
- Date and time that you encountered the problem? (Please include time zone)
    Specifically reports after late afternoon 4/24 PST
- Text of any error message that you received?
- Your computer OS and version (Windows 7? Mac OS X v10.5?)
- Your browser and version?
- Please do not post any personal or account information in the forums

I'll take your reports directly to the team working to fix the issues. I appreciate your help in solving this and your patience while we do.

Take care,


Posted on Apr 29, 2012 in response to AdamW
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This morning at The Castle League I attempted to enter our cribbage room The Great Hall and it was down URL:

The only action I took before encountering the problem was clicking the same link I normally use to enter the room since I rarely shut down the browser to my league. All of our players at the Castle are getting the same error message "Unable to connect to server. One of four things could have caused this:...etc".

The problem started last evening around  21:45 EDT when the cribbage room The Great Hall froze up. No one was able to play and then players started to get kicked out of the room. Then we all left because it was impossible to play in the 21:30 EDT tournament.

Many problems have been occuring with servers being down in various rooms since April 4th. Lobby malfunctions started in the middle of March when the ads were added. And everything went downhill afterwards. Every day we wonder if our lobbies will be working or not in All Stars leagues.

My computer OS is  Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1.

I am currently on Firefox 12, and my Java is 1.6.0_32.

I have reported these issues using the abuse form since the link for Yahoo! All Stars Leagues has disappeared with no response from Yahoo customer care other than the auto response.  When I replied to that response I received a message in Spanish.

Hope you can help. It is very discouraging to be a paying member of Yahoo! All Stars Leagues presently.

Posted on May 16, 2012 in response to GuestU
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Hi there, Guest U,

It sounds like you were encountering the same problem we were seeing other games user reporte. We've provided updates on this issue here. It should be resolved, but if not let us know. Thanks for the details you provided, it's very helpful to have this sort of information when we're researching an issue.

Good Game,


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